Dear League Leaders,

WHEW! The election season is over. I know many of you have worked long and hard to provide forums, debates, registration opportunities in your communities (and took a bit of grief at times as well). But now there is a bit more to do.

As you no doubt know, the main goals of every event are to:

  • Welcome non-members
  • Provide invitations/opportunities to be involved
  • Highlight value membership in the League
  • Increase the visibility/profile of LWV
  • Identify and engage new leaders


  • Did you follow up with the names on your sign in sheet?
  • Did you thank your volunteers (even though you are too!) with a call? a note? in your newsletter?
  • Remember to restock your materials!


  • How do we follow up with other organizations that joined us in the event? Can we find ways to strengthen that relationship?
  • Did we ask key members to join?
  • Can we advertise our next event through them?


  • Did you send out a follow up press release or letter to the editor?
  • Did you invite media to the next event?
  • Did you send a thank you note the media that attended? (Building new relationships)


  • Did you thank Leaders?
  • Did you ask what else would make their job easier? (training, resources, volunteers, supplies)
  • Did you find any names for the nominating committee?
  • Is there a report for the next person to do the event?
  • Did you follow up with anyone that you invited?

Thank You! Thank You! ...for all you do!