Dear League Leaders,

A while ago I sent a Membership Moment about how to reply to an array of excuses. Here is another approach.

To help you be prepared for the “I don’t have the time” brush off, look at these scripts below and perhaps they may help you when you get this objection especially during a phone call:

Response #1:
“I know that feeling; my desk is full of things I need to do, too. I’d be happy to schedule a time to call you back, but I don’t want to bother you if you’re really not interested. Let me ask you a quick question and be honest with me:

If NO: “No problem. Before I go, who else do you know that might like to join (participate/support) us?

If Yes: “Terrific. Do you have five minutes right now?”

If No: “I’m looking at my schedule, what is a good time later today?”

Response #2:
“Elisabeth, you probably get a lot of calls like I do, and my initial reaction is to say I’m too busy as well. But I can explain this to you in just three minutes and if you think it can help you we can schedule more time later.

Response #3:
“I’m with you. Before I schedule a time to get back with you, just a quick question: Are your concerned about money in elections?

Response #4:
“I’m glad you’re busy, that means that you don’t have the time to just waste doing things you . Quick question: If I could show you some personal benefits of joining/supporting the League, is that something that you would invest five minutes learning more about?”

Response #5:
“No problem. I know what it’s like to be interrupted. Would it be better to call you back right after your _________________, say in about a half hour, or would you prefer to set up a quick five minute call for tomorrow morning?”

Can you see how much more effective you can be by being prepared with and using these kinds of scripts?



Marcia A. Merrins
LWVUS Board of Directors
Trainings and Meetings Chair

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