Dear League Leaders,

What is the best way to show a prospective League member that you are listening? Choose one. No peeking!

A. Ask questions about what you heard in their dialogue.

B. Take notes.

C. Give an opinion about what you heard in their conversation.

D. Repeat what you heard in the form of a statement or question.

The wisdom behind the answer: Taking notes (b) ensures two things: 1) That you will remember what the person has told you, and 2) That their words are important enough to write down. Taking notes shows respect. Asking questions (a) will lead to the answers, but if you do not write them down the answers will be lost or forgotten. Giving an opinion (c) does not reflect listening. The object of listening is to listen with the intent to understand, not respond. Repeating what you heard or regurgitating a question from a statement (d), makes you a good parrot, but not necessarily a good listener. Taking notes shows the prospect that you care about him or her and makes them feel important as you write down their words.





Marcia A. Merrins

LWVUS Board of Directors

Trainings and Meetings Chair


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