My local League, LWV Chautauqua County, had a talented volunteer member, Bill Parks, video one of our programs and up-load it to YouTube so those who could not attend would be able to see it on their computers. It is something perhaps that your local league could do with little effort.

Background on presentation:

The presentation on Project Sunlight was sponsored by the LWV and held at the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk, NY on Wednesday, September 17. The main speaker was John B. Maggiore, Policy Advisor, Executive Division, New York State Attorney General Office of Andrew M. Cuomo.

To view, click here for the LWV YouTube link and select any 10 minute video listed there.

To watch these videos in high resolution, click on the words beneath the screen to watch in high quality after it starts playing. Then pause it and let the higher resolution video load for one or two minutes before you resume play.

Project Sunlight's web site is This web site will improve politics and change the way citizens perceive their elected officials in New York State.