There isn't a better time to recruit members!

I don't have many more chances to impress you with the rich opportunities to recruit members during this election season. Your League phone may be ringing with people looking for the League to answer questions about voting. Great! Take just a moment to inform them about:

  • a candidate forum or debate party
  • a meeting on a local issue
  • League project
  • League study- National Popular Voter Compact Among States
  • ...then ask them to join!

When you get a new member, remember that new members must be made to feel wanted and needed as soon as possible. A welcoming letter from the President is an effective way of making a new member feel welcomed.


  • Prepare a “new member” packet that makes every new member feel welcome, while educating them about League positions and giving them the information they need.
  • Don't say, "We need a volunteer!" Ask a member to do something specific such as, “give an hour to register voters,” or “share your thoughts on our community’s housing issues for two hours next Saturday,” etc. And, give them a choice of several things they might want to do for the League on the topic in which they are interested. Identify what they can accomplish by their specific act, not just what you want them to do for you.
  • If you want people to think that it is important to be a League member, be sure you show them the difference members are making. At member orientation meetings, display letters to the editor from your members and commendations that members have received. It gives your members deserved recognition and demonstrates your vitality to potential members.


If If you have had a great success, please post it here. That way we can all copy it!