This election season has been an exciting time for local Leagues! Once this part of the year is over, I know your League has planned many projects for '08 and '09. Some of these may include advocacy efforts, educational forums, and round table discussions with the community, fundraising dinners, and other energetic opportunities to excite members and gain visibility to attract new members.

You want and need the energy and involvement of every one of your members. However, many of your members work, either outside the home or at raising a family and simply don’t have the time to devote to a large project. The challenge is to find a way to distribute the work in a way that is manageable even for those members with many demands on their time.

  1. What are some ways to encourage members with work and family constraints to take on some League work? Can you think of a few? I can think of a couple:
    • editing a League bulletin
    • addressing envelopes
    • making a few "telephone tree" call

    How can we make meetings and committee work more attractive to all our members?
    (This may need a separate dialogue. Send me your suggestions!)

  2. What are your League’s priorities and responsibilities? Can they be broken down into three or four parts with varying time commitments?
  3. What can you do in your League to assure that members feel their time and effort are productive?
  4. How can your League “target” members so that abilities and interests are matched with responsibility. I once had a board member in my local League whose main contribution was decorating the annual meeting...honest! Many of your members have talent. Find out what they love to do and have them do it in League!