The League of Women Voters’ work in Latin America began in 1922.  At that time, the League expanded its fight for women’s rights by convening a Pan American Conference in Baltimore, MD and extending an invitation to twenty-two delegates from Latin American nations. During the subsequent decades League volunteers have worked with emerging civic leaders in Latin America to share resources and skills in grassroots organization and activism. To this extent, the League has organized the following programs: The Consolidation of Democracy in the Americas; Building Grassroots Citizen Organizations in the American Republics; Strengthening Grassroots Democracy in the Americas: An International Conference for Activists and Organizers; and Making Democracy Work in the Americas.  Organizations such as Conciencia, Participa, and the League of Women Voters of Brazil modeled themselves on the League.  Since 2001 the following projects have taken place:

  • Connecting Future Legislators with Civil Society:  Colombia and Brazil - 2009-2011
  • Women in the Americas:  Paths to Political Power - 2007
  • Empowering Citizens to Influence Public Policy in Jamaica - 2005
  • Mujer y Gestion Local en Chile - 2004
  • Women Running to Win in Parana, Brazil - 2003-2004
  • Mujer Eslabon Esencial de la Sociedad Civil in Paraguay - 2002-2004
  • Women in Political Leadership in Brazil - 2001-2002
  • Strengthening Grassroots Democracy in the Americas - 1997
  • Hands Across the Americas - 1996