"As a political science professor, I spend a lot of time talking about democracy, thinking about civic participation and debating the actions of decision makers. My students often ask where they can find nonpartisan information on issues about which they are confused, and sometimes I share their confusion.

My pride in the work of the League really stems from helping to reduce this confusion. We keep voters informed of current election issues from a nonpartisan perspective. I’ve seen the impact the League has on students and other community members when they interact with the broadcast presentations, Pros/Cons, and the League website to find information. These truly are really valuable services.

The League has given me another outlet to share what I do professionally, and it’s allowed me to meet a lot of neat and interesting people in my community. It’s definitely given me a better sense of local issues and their importance to different constituencies, and has helped me figure out who the main players are in a variety of political issues in this county."

~Charley Turner, member of LWV of Butte County, CA since 2006


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