Connie Ferguson has been an active League member since 1969, except for four years she spent overseas. Locally, she is a past President and Vice President, at the state level she served as Nominating Committee Chair, President, and Vice President and finally at the national level, she was the Nominating Committee Chair 2002-2004. While focusing on natural resources and voter service, she has been involved with most areas of League activity.

After retiring in 2006 from the Kalamazoo Nature Center, Connie continues to volunteer there and elsewhere. Connie lived in Australia for three years and England for one. Now she enjoys visiting children and grandchildren in Mexico and Germany and seeing sights in those and other places. At home, she appreciates theater and music performances and conversations with friends.

Today, Connie is a member of the League of Women Voters of the Kalamazoo Area (MI) and serves a LWVUS Ruth S. Shur Fellow.

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