Under a contract with Democracy International (DI) the League will advise DI-Bangladesh on different activities that will be created to demonstrate to party leaders the value of increasing their share of women’s voters and of supporting and backing women candidates. To accomplish this goal DI-Bangladesh will create seven Women’s Centers that will undertake outreach,  training, and create a women’s awareness program to enhance the Centers’ work.

The League's first trip took place in August 2011. The effort was led by Zaida Arguedas, the League's Deputy Executive Director who traveled to Bangladesh to conduct a needs assessment and assist DI in designing program activities to best meet its goals. During two intensive weeks of work Zaida met with members of 18 different organizations (both international and domestic) and participated in three town hall meetings in two cities outside of Dhaka.  The League has submitted its assessment report with specific recommendations. When the recommendations are accepted and scheduled for implementation; the subsequent role of the League will be to assist DI in designing specific program components. As the programs are implemented, the League will provide ongoing support and advice on program activities.