Eileen Olmsted settled in California in 1977 after spending many years of her life overseas. The first organization she wanted to join was the League of Women Voters. As a non-citizen living in another country, Eileen realized how important civic involvement could be in society.

Eileen has held many offices with the League, but her favorite League position has always been membership. Quite simply, without an active membership, League can have no impact. Outside of League, Eileen’s hobbies are reading, singing, genealogy and attending the opera. Eileen currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA, where she is co-president of the LWV of Greater Pittsburgh. She is in her third term as a Ruth S. Shur Fellow. She enjoys her work as a national coach because she truly believes in the program, and she looks forward to a greatly invigorated grassroots organization as a result of it.

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