The events and activities that you have scheduled in your calendar need to be well planned. Taking the time in advance to consider all aspects of the event will make it easier to accomplish. Be selective about what you do in order to save you time and energy and to make it easy and fun for everyone. Plan to do a few things well. You can select the right events and activities by using the “Events and Activities Focusing Grid” in Appendix C.

An “Event Planning Checklist Sample” and an “Event Planning Checklist Blank” can be found in Appendix D. This will help you organize your event with an intention toward making that event very visible, attracting and welcoming new members, and developing new leaders through the event. A blank version is there for you to copy and fill in for each event so you can achieve the dual goals of creating an informative event and helping build and strengthen your League!

The following are some suggestions for events and activities. You will find details for them in the Appendices.

Elections and Voters Service
The League is well known for its election-related work. We serve our communities well, and the public depends on our services. Your League may decide to take part in a variety of voter service activities such as voter registration, candidates’ forums, voters guides, etc. You will find a helpful “Election Activities Checklist” in Appendix E.
Hot Topics Luncheons. Another way to engage your League members and the community in a top issue is by sponsoring a

Hot Topics Luncheon
It can also be a meal at another time, say dinner or brunch, whichever would be most appealing in your community. The point is to bring people together around something both “social,” such as food, and “interesting,” such as the topic and speakers. A guide to organizing a “Hot Topics Luncheon” is in Appendix F.

Forums On Building Better Communities
People universally want to live in safe, thriving communities; and they want to be listened to and heard. A public forum on Building a Better Community can be an effective and easy way to engage diverse segments of the community outside the League in a visioning activity that Local Leagues can facilitate for great visibility, recruiting new members, and developing new networks with allied groups for joint work in future projects. Appendix G “Building a Better Community Forums” includes a sample agenda, planning details, and a checklist that works!

Observer Corps
An Observer Corps is a structured way for individuals to exercise their right to know. An Observer Corps provides a valuable service to the community. It helps ensure that citizens are aware of the decisions that impact their lives, and it promotes government transparency and accountability.

An Observer Corps can be a great way for your members to be active and involved. As observers, they get an opportunity to educate themselves and others in a specific way. This is often enticing to new and long time members because this volunteer role can usually be done once or twice a month for just a few specified hours.
An Observer Corps “Easy Start Guide” is in Appendix H.

Know Your Community
Vibrant and vital local Leagues are those that are deeply engaged and highly visible in their communities. To be effective, League members need to be familiar with the community’s people, its enterprises, its issues, its history, and its governance. A fantastic method of evaluating your community, engaging members in the process, identifying opportunities for future projects, and creating visibility for your League is to undertake a “Know Your Community” survey. A simplified and focused guide is being developed. This will be a streamlined version of the “Know Your Community” publication that was developed for Leagues thirty years ago.

League Study
Your League may be motivated and committed enough to undertake a study on an important local issue. This study can be a means not only to educating your members and the community but also for coming to consensus on the issue to create a position to act on.

The “Key Points for a League Study” are included as Appendix I.

Taking action on an issue can raise the League’s visibility in the community and be a good avenue for outreach.
In determining whether to take action, the Leadership Team should review the “Taking Action Checklist” included as Appendix J.