Gaining League Visibility Around Elections

Does your League deserve media attention this election season? YES! Are you unsure how to pitch your League's election activities to the press? Read these story ideas and alert your local media about the good work your League is doing. You can also email or fax them press releases about your activities. Remember to remind members of the press that the League of Women Voters is where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement!

Getting the Word Out

Promoting your partnerships, debates, voters' guides, registration drives, and other activities are a great way to boost interest in your League and help voters at the same time! Be sure to let your local media know about the resources available to them by sending out a press release or letter to the editor. More story ideas for your local media are available here:


The excitement around this year's election, and the new ways in which voters are taking part in the system, will make many veteran voters feel like first-timers!

For example, there are plans that require eligible voters to show not only photo I.D. at the polling place, but also present documentary proof of citizenship. The public has yet to be informed of what's changed – the system has failed to include a mechanism to educate the public about these important changes within an already complicated voting system. [INCORPORATE RELEVANT CHANGES TO ELECTION ADMINISTRATION IN YOUR AREA].

An explanation of the new requirements to prepare your readers and [COUNTY's] voters is critical to avoid the potential for widespread voter disenfranchisement.

The League of Women Voters is available to speak about both the details of the plan and what voters can do to ensure their vote counts on Election Day.


With ongoing debates about the validity of elections and so much attention being paid to voter disenfranchisement are we just further dampening the enthusiasm of voters?

We need to do everything possible to encourage and assist voters in exercising this important right. Members of the League of Women Voters are working to build enthusiasm for November and [CONTACT] would be interested in speaking with you about a potential piece that highlights some of the encouraging news as we enter this year's election season.



Although rarely mentioned, confusion about the location of polling places was one of the biggest barriers to voting two years ago.
Voting seems like an easy thing to do, but there are several things the voter needs to know prior to going to the polls, chief among them where to go!

The League has taken this problem into its own hands and has developed a new one-stop-shop for election information, launched in October 2006 and includes an interactive feature for voters to find their specific polling place. The LWV would like to discuss this and other steps that voters can take to make sure their vote counts on Election Day.