Entering Current Board Information

Please print this attachment for easy reference before entering changes. To print, first click on the "Print this Page" link in the green bar.

Provide us with this updated information using the interactive online database. Follow the steps below to update your board changes:

  1. Go to the online database: https://member.lwv.org/login.asp
  2. Enter your League’s ID and password
    1. NOTE ABOUT PASSWORD: The abbreviation for the state must be in caps and the lwv in lower case.
  3. Have your printed roster available for the Member ID required below.
  4. Click “Update League” (See the categories on the left-hand side of this page.)
  5. Scroll down to below the list of officers and click on New Officers in the gray box at the lower left-hand corner of the Officer List. Enter the officer’s Member ID number in the top box and hit Search.
  6. Click on the Member’s ID number which is in blue.
  7. Select the appropriate title from the Title Code drop down box. Please enter only those officers listed in the drop-down box. This list will not include all the officers in your League. In order to insure that your League receives written communication by Internet or surface mail, there must be a name for the title of PRESIDENT.
  8. IMPORTANT: You must enter both the Start Date and End Date.
  9. Click on Submit.

10.  Continue to add other officers following the steps beginning with item #5.

11.  When you have completed entering the current League officers, scroll to the bottom of the page to sign off or continue with other updates or additions.