League of Women Voters of the United States Board of Directors

Board Meeting

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Washington, DC



Board Present:


Elisabeth MacNamara

Patricia Donath

Marcia Merrins

Judy Duffy

Peggy Hawkins Hill

Marlene O’Brien

Judy Davis

Mary Klenz

Norman Turrill

Susan Morris Wilson

Janis McMillen

Elaine Wiant



Dianne Wheatley-Giliotti

Staff Members Present:


Nancy Tate

Zaida Arguedas

Greg Leatherwood


MacNamara called the meeting to order at 11:00 A.M.


Big Picture Discussion:

The Board continued to discuss various issues to be considered in the upcoming budget.

They also discussed ways to better promote the Leadership Fund. This is the source of support for the Membership and Leadership Development efforts, but we are not getting many financial contributions from League members.

The Board discussed the domain name LWVUS.org with a recommendation that LWVUS staff pursue arbitration to recover the domain name.  It was agreed that funds should be spent to cover the $1300 arbitration fee. Norman Turrill volunteered to help with ICANN.

Merrins moved that the LWVUS Board embrace and adopt the focused “Power the Vote 2012” initiative already underway and prioritize the agreed upon plan components before considering new opportunities or requests. Passed.

Jeanette Senecal has prepared a handout on “Power the Vote 2012” that outlines activities for local and state Leagues as well as for the LWVUS/EF.

MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 12:00 noon.

Submitted by Susan Morris Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer












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