In 2005 the League of Women Voters in partnership with the National Council of Women of Kenya began a two-year program to strengthen democracy and democratic practices in Kenya.  Kenyans Working Together for Good Governance: Civil Society, Government, and Members of Parliament was designed to ignite an effective engagement among members of parliament, appointed district commissioners, and members of local civil society groups. The League and the National Council began working together in 1999 during the League's program Woman Power in Politics: Building Grassroots Democracy in Africa.

Kenyans Working Together focused on women from the Coast and Northeastern provinces of Kenya and had two phases each year.  The first phase brought 16 Kenyan women to the United States for a two-week grassroots internship and the second phase took eight League membes and elected officials Kenya to share their expertise in civic engagement and governance.

The Kenyan participants were hosted by the Leagues of Wichita, Kansas and Tucson, Arizona.  The first group of participants from the Coast Province represented Kwale District, Mombasa, Malindi, Kilifi, and Lamu.  The second group from the Northeastern Province represented Mandera, Ijara, Wajir, and Garissa.