The League sent a letter to President Obama asking him to lead the fight for climate change. President Obama can take steps to limit harmful pollutants, using his existing regulatory authority, that will save lives and our environment. President Obama has the power to lead the U.S. and the world through the greatest environmental challenge of our generation.

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Dear Mr. President,

“Climate change is not a hoax. More drought and floods and hurricanes and wildfires are not a joke. They’re a threat to our children’s future. And we can do something about it.”

These are your words, Mr. President, and we couldn’t agree more. People are dying because of climate change.  Our families, our communities and our planet are all threatened by it. 

The League of Women Voters calls on you, Mr. President, to take the historically necessary step of controlling industrial carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.  Use your existing regulatory authority to make this happen. 

The world has known about climate change for decades, yet little has been done to address the issue. The U.S. came close to enacting a comprehensive climate change bill in the early years of your administration when a good bill passed the House, but it was blocked by special interests in the Senate. With the current gridlock in Congress, it seems impossible that any legislative action will be taken to protect our health and our planet.

But you, Mr. President, have the power to put controls on new and existing power plants and make the world a safer place for our children to live and breathe.  You can establish the U.S. as a world leader in fighting climate change.  President Obama, you can do this by yourself, without a second-guessing Congress or a nay-saying Supreme Court. In fact, the Supreme Court has already said that the Administration can move forward under the Clean Air Act to cut this life-threatening pollution. 

We need you to lead the U.S. and the world through the greatest environmental challenge of our generation.  Continue to raise your voice to call special attention to this issue.  Use your authority as President to save our kids and seniors from the formation of lung damaging and asthma-attack inducing smog.  Save us all from deadly heat waves, droughts and killer storms like Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama, if you don’t do it, it won’t get done. If the United States doesn’t lead, the rest of the world cannot follow.

Saving the world is a legacy worth fighting for.


Elisabeth MacNamara, President
League of Women Voters of the United States