"It is the League’s role as a vigorous champion of democracy and good government that strongly resonates with me. I think we have a duty to not only hold our institutions to high standards but to speak up about them. The work we do in voter service and voter education is evidence of how vital the League is.

My League hosted a delegation of Russian government officials from the Republic of Kalmykia. We introduced them to various local and regional government officials so they could see our system of accountable government, the rule of law and civic participation at work.

The accessibility of our community leaders and our political structures was a marked difference to their own institutions. The League is a showcase for our society’s emphasis on civic engagement and our visitors were extremely impressed with the League’s role in encouraging informed and active participation in government, as well as our networks and relationships within government, academia, and the nonprofit world."

~Lianne Campodonico, member of the LWV of Piedmont (CA) since 2002

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