Lineah Davey, who is an LWV Ruth S. Shur Fellowgrew up in Nebraska where she began her career teaching English. She retired teaching high school social studies and now she supervises social studies student-teachers at Colorado College. When Lineah and her family moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1969, she joined the League, which had intrigued her since she read the LWV of Omaha Voters Guides.

After moving to Colorado Springs, Lineah became more active in League and has since held several positions on the local board, including President. Lineah is a member of the LWV of Pike Peaks Region and has served on LWVCO Board from 2005-2012 as VP of Member Services, conducting Leadership Training for local league board members, and serving as state coordinator for Membership Leadership Development. Lineah has also served as a member of LWVUS Streamlining Committee.

Lineah and her husband have two married daughters and three grandchildren. In her free time, Lineah enjoys hiking, sewing, and reading mysteries.  

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