League logo items are a great way to increase your League's visibility around your community.The items listed below are for sale from local and state Leagues. 

Civics Poster

Civics Poster

Offered by: League of Women Voters of Washington

Contact:  http://www.lwvwa.org/studies.html#state_were_in

To order: http://www.lwvwa.org/pdfs/7thEd%20Order%20Form.pdf

Price: $5 per poster + $5 for shipping (1-10 posters)

Description: What Does it Take to be a Good Citizen? Poster.

2016 Appointment Calendar

2016 Calendar2016 Calendar MO

Offered by: The League of Women Voters of Missouri

Contact:  Anna Mennerick, 314-961-6869


  •  1 to 9 calendars – $5.00 each + shipping & handling.
  • 10 to 99 calendars – $4.50 each + shipping & handling.
  • 100 or more calendars – $4.00 each + shipping & handling.

Shipping and Handling Rates

  • 1-3 calendars – $3
  • 4-10 calendars – $10
  • 11-25 calendars – $15
  • 26-50 calendars – $20
  • 51-99 calendars – $50
  • 100 + calendars – contact us for a quote

Description: 8 1/2 x 11 matte finish pages with ribbon to wall mount

To Order: http://lwvmissouri.org/shop-2/calendars/

Other items you can get from LWV Missouri:

Pins            LWV MO Signs

LWV Rhinestone Mug and LWV Padfolio


Offered by: LWV of San Diego
Donna Bartlett-May
To order:
Send Merchandise Request and payment to

LWV San Diego

7710 Balboa Ave., Suite 224A

San Diego, CA 92111

Attn: Donna Bartlett-May
Price: Mugs $5 plus postage, Padfolios $15 plus postage
Description: Travel mugs and padfolios to represent the League on the go! For questions please email dbartlettmay@gmail.com or call 619-916-8112


LWV Rhinestone Pin and LWV Vote Pin


Offered by: LWV of Massachusetts
Brynne Gorman, Administrative and Program Associate
To order:
Send an email to bgorman@lwvma.org or call 617-523-2999 
Price: $10 each
Description: Fun and flashy clasp pin enhances League presence at any event. For more store items, visit LWV of Massachusetts Storefront.


Vote! It Counts Car Bumper Sticker

Car Magnet

Offered by: LWV of Chautauqua County, New York
Contact: LWV Chautauqua County, PO Box 42, Fredonia, NY 14063
716-672-4275; lwv@lwvchautauqua.org
To order: Mail Order Form below
Price: $6 Each. Free shipping with an order of 2-50
Description: Remind people how important their vote is! Our magnetic bumper signs are attractive and provide great visibility to your League wherever you go. They are 3"x8" and $6 each. With an order of 2-50 you get free shipping. What could be better?

Bumper signs will be shipped to you upon receipt of your full payment. 

Mail this Order Form with a check payable to LWV Chautauqua County.  





Mail to: LWV Chautauqua County, PO Box 42, Fredonia, NY 14063


Red and Blue "Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport" T-shirts

Offered by: LWV of Umpqua Valley, Roseburg, Oregon
Contact: PO Bx 2434, Roseburg OR 97470
To order: Send an email to lwvuv@yahoo.com  
Price:15 each or Two for $25; plus $5 Shipping 
Description: 100% Cotton t-shirts. For additional information: Contact the League's President Sally McKain.


LWV Umbrellas

Offered by: LWV of Portland, Portland, Oregon
Heather Drake, Office Manager
310 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 520, Portland, OR 97204
To order:
Send an email to info@lwvpdx.org  
Price: $12 each or $10/each when you order 10 or more; Click here for shipping rates
Description: Compact, automatic open/close, ShedRain umbrella. For additional information: Contact Carol Wilson, Community Relations VP.


Ten Reasons to Vote Poster

Offered by: LWV of Kalamazoo Area, Michigan
To order:
Send an email to president@lwvka.org 
Price:$5 each 
Description: 11"x17" poster, for images of the item please click here.


LWV "VOTE It Counts" Signs

Vote! It Counts sign\

Offered by: LWV of Chautauqua County
Contact: amiran@fredonia.edu (Minda Rae Amiran)

To Order: Please send a check with your order to: LWV of Chautauqua County, P.O.Box 42, Fredonia, NY 14063

Price: $100 for ten signs and stakes plus $20 shipping and handling (sold in lots of 10 only)
Description: waterproof, endlessly reusable lawn sign with LWV logo and "Vote, It Counts" on both sides.


LWV Timing Paddles

Offered by: LWV of LA County
Contact: Nancy Mahr

To Order: Please send a check with your order to: Nancy Mahr

28028 Ella Rd.
Ranch Palos Verdes, CA 90275

Price: One set of 4 paddles is $20 including tax and shipping.

Description: The set has four paddles: 1 minute (green), 30 seconds (yellow), 15 seconds (yellow), and stop (red).The paddles are made of heavy foam core and are about the size of a ping-pong paddle.


 LWV Emery Boards

Emery Boards 

Offered by:        LWV of Whidbey Island, Washington
Marshall Goldberg, mfgold@comcast.net, 360-675-5888

To order:             e-mail above 
Price:                    $25 per 50 emery boards, S&H $12.35 flat rate (Priority U.S. Mail)

Description:       3 color emery board, pocket/purse sized (approximately 4 and a half inches long and one-half inch wide), complementing the LWVUS' motto - "Making Democracy Work," with the slogan, "Democracy is NOT a spectator sport." A great tool for promoting the League and raising political awareness.

Commemorative Post and Notecards

Commemorative Post and Notecards

Offered by: LWV of Kalamazoo Area, Michigan
To order:
Send checks payable to:
League of Women Voters Kalamazoo Area
P.O. Box 2106
Kalamazoo, MI 49003
Price and Description: Packaged in a set of 6 different post cards for $4 or 3 sets for $11. Notecards come 8 to a set (all the same design) for $5 or 3 sets for $13. Please click here to see your choices.



**If your League would like to list its logo items for sale on the National LWVUS website, please contact Allyson Legnini at alegnini@lwv.org with League Logo Items in the subject line.