The Young People Task Force (YPTF) was created as a collaborative effort between LWVUS President Elisabeth MacNamara and LWVUS staff in response to Leagues’ desire to attract the next generation of League leaders. 

The LWVUS YPTF mission is to seek ways to increase the LWV long-term membership sustainability by recruiting the next generation of League members.

The YPTF was created with these three distinct goals in mind:

  • Gathering information about why young people join the League of Women Voters
  • Creating resources for local Leagues to directly recruit and engage young people in their communities
  • Creating a community for young professional League members (and utilizing this community to help move the League into the 21st century)

The YPTF is currently comprised of:

  • 2 Co-Chairs: Melissa Currence (LWV of the Cincinnati Area, OH) and Amy Hjerstedt (LWV of Michigan)
  • 3 Members: T.J. Leavell (LWV of North Carolina), Alice Giles (LWV of Howard County, MD) and Karen Oelschalaeger (LWV of Asheville-Buncombe County, NC)

Ad-Hoc Members of the YPTF include:

  • 2 currently sitting LWVUS Board Members: Mary Klenz and Anne Schink
  • A former and current LWVUS Ruth S. Shur Fellow: Eva Rogers and Penney Van Vleet
  • LWVUS staff member: Shauneen Grout

The responsibilities of the YPTF member consist of:

  • Participating in monthly Task Force conference calls to plan and discuss achieving the goals above
  • Collaborating on a regular basis to gather information and create resources for  local Leagues to recruit and engage young people (could include interviewing young people, developing materials, collecting success stories from local Leagues who effectively reach out to young people already)
  • Participating in quarterly phone calls with League leaders from the LWV Young People Facebook Group and LWVUS President Elisabeth MacNamara

Moving forward the YPTF will create materials to be presented at Council 2013 to aid local Leagues to reach out to and recruit young members.