League of Women Education Fund Board of Trustees

Board Meeting

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Renaissance M Street Hotel

Washington, DC


Board Present:

Elisabeth MacNamara

Patricia Donath

Marcia Merrins

Judy Duffy

Peggy Hawkins Hill

Marlene O’Brien

Judy Davis

Mary Klenz

Norman Turrill

Susan Morris Wilson

Janis McMillen

Elaine Wiant

Diane Wheatley-Giliotti


Staff Members Present:

Nancy Tate, Zaida Arguedas, Greg Leatherwood


MacNamara called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Wilson moved that the Minutes of the October 1, 2011 meeting of the LWVEF Board of Trustees be accepted as corrected.  Seconded. Passed.

 Wilson moved that the Minutes of the October 2, 2011 meeting of the LWVEF Board of Trustees be accepted as corrected.  Seconded. Passed.



Wilson moved that the Financial Report dated December 31, 2011 of the LWVEF be accepted as presented.  Seconded. Passed.

Wilson noted that on a combined basis the national office operations have outperformed the budget during the first six months of this fiscal year, due to strong public support through our direct marketing program and tight control over spending. The combined value of the League’s investment portfolio increased by $178,879 during this period despite volatility in the securities markets.



Education Study:  Peg Hill announced that she and her outstanding team will have a draft of the position on the federal role in education within a month. The Board is interested in how many hours and how many members participated in the development of the position.

Privatization Study: Janis McMillan reported that most of the information is up on the website and the listserve is very active. Consensus results are due on 5/1/2012 and the position will be finalized immediately afterward.  The nature of the study is different than a normal study in that it provides recommended criteria for decisions about when and how to privatize public functions.

The Board discussed the “anatomy” of a study and would like to have information on study costs including staff time, volunteer time, etc.  Zaida will try to put something together on this.


Education Fund:

The Committee brought forth several election-related issues to be addressed.

Merrins moved that the LWVEF set a goal to recruit enough Leagues to recover $50,000 of the

$100,000 cost of the ETP software used in VOTE411 during calendar year 2012. Passed.

It was pointed out that LWVEF criteria for including presidential candidates in voter guides had inadvertently left out a key sentence.

Turrill moved that the sentence “The candidate must qualify for the ballot in enough states to win a majority of electoral votes” be re-inserted into the criteria for online and print Voters’ Guides.  Passed.

Merrins moved that the LWVEF Board embrace and adopt the focused “Power the Vote 2012” initiative already underway and prioritize the agreed upon plan components before considering new opportunities or requests. Passed.

Jeanette Senecal has prepared a handout on “Power The Vote 2012” that outlines activities for local and state Leagues as well as for the LWVUS/EF.

The Board created a Committee on Projects Involving Presidential Candidates to oversee the process for reviewing and accepting state/local League proposals involving presidential candidates. The members of the 2012 Committee include Janis McMillen (Chair), Judy Davis, Norman Turrill and Elaine Wiant.

The EF Committee reviewed a request for LWVUS/EF to support an effort called “The Road to Twenty- one Presidential Debates in 2012”, and decided not to issue a letter of support. The few Leagues who had already indicated their own support will be notified of this decision.

The Committee heard briefings about existing and planned projects, including a new possibility with the State Department.

MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 10:45 am.

Submitted by Susan Morris Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer








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