League of Women Voters Education Fund Board of Trustees

Board Meeting

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Renaissance Washington, Washington, DC


Board Present:


Elisabeth MacNamara

Patricia Donath

Marcia Merrins

Judy Duffy

Peggy Hawkins Hill

Marlene O’Brien

Judy Davis

Mary Klenz

Norman Turrill

Susan Morris Wilson

Janis McMillen

Elaine Wiant


 Staff Members Present:

Nancy Tate

Zaida Arguedas

Greg Leatherwood

Pamla Sterner


 Elisabeth MacNamara called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.



Susan Wilson moved that the Minutes of the meeting January 29, 2012 of the LWVEF Board of

Trustees be accepted as presented.  Seconded. Passed.


Susan Wilson moved that the Financial Report dated February 29, 2012 of the LWVEF be accepted as presented. Seconded. Passed.

Susan Wilson noted that the operating income is at 84%. Major donor contributions have increased and are at 52% of the goal set at the current fiscal year.


Education Study

Judy Davis moved that the Board accept the Education Position as presented. Seconded.  Passed.

It was agreed that the position would be distributed to all Leagues in the next weekly Leaders Update.

Privatization Study

The deadline for responses is May 1. Discussion included whether a minimum number of responses should be required, and it was decided to wait and see if that was necessary. There was also a discussion about how some Leagues are not able to do the study by the deadline and whether or not the deadline should be extended. Judy Duffy said that usually one board wraps up the work so it isn’t passed on to the next board. It was agreed that these are simply parameters for the Leagues to use. Leagues should still discuss this topic even if they cannot complete it before the deadline date.


Education Fund Projects

The Board heard updates on several Education Fund projects.  All projects are doing well and were described in detail in the Board materials. The most significant new project is the Broader Middle East and North Africa or BMENA project with the State Department.  The United States government is partnering with Tunisia, and each government is to pick one civil society organization to design and manage the 3 regional and one ministerial conferences to be held in 2012.  The League is the only US organization selected.   The meetings will be held in Quatar, Morocco, Oman and Tunisia.  We have received a government contract, which has allowed us to hire a new employee to help Zaida Arguedas and Cindy Padera with the workload.


Presidential Primary Debate

Elaine Wiant reported that LWVEF had approved the Scranton, PA League to join with the University of Scranton to offer to hold a Republican Presidential Candidate Debate.  Everything was ready to go until the University learned of the League Action Alert to defeat the Blunt contraceptive amendment. The University then withdrew the invitation for League involvement.


Stand By Your Ad

Janis McMillen moved that the Board authorize LWVUS staff to develop, if possible, a project around “Stand By Your Ad” from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania for application by Leagues. Seconded.  Passed.

Nancy Tate explained this initiative, which involves telling Leagues how they can approach TV stations to urge that they take steps to not run false campaign ads from third party organizations. Discussion was that we need to move on this quickly so that we are not accused of only caring about ads on one side of the political spectrum.  Nancy Tate asked for assistance, and several Board members volunteered to help.


Coalitions and Partnerships

Judy Davis moved that the LWVEF establish a partnership with the National Center for

Learning and Citizenship. Seconded.  Passed.

Materials describing the partnership were provided in the Board book.

Peggy Hill moved that we accept the March 2012 list of Education Fund Coalitions & Memberships for approval. Seconded.  Passed.


Elisabeth MacNamara adjourned the meeting at 11:35 a.m.