In June of this year, Margery Cohen, long time League of Women Voters UN Observer, announced her retirement.  During her twenty-plus year tenure as both the Main and Alternate UN Observers, Margery has been instrumental in enhancing the prestige of the League of Women Voters at the United Nations.  Margery was a representative for the League at the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995, speaking up tirelessly for women and girls human rights.  As a result of her activities, she was a founder of the Working Group on Girls, a coalition of over eighty non-governmental organizations that started as a committee with UNICEF and today is an independent NGO.  Margery served as a member of its Steering Committee and is currently the chair of its Girls Against Violence Committee. 

In addition to her League leadership, Margery has been an officer of United Nations Association - United States of America (UNA-USA) as well as vice chair of the NGO Commission on the Status of Women.  While at the United Nations, Margery organized countless panel discussions on women's political empowerment, gender violence, girls' human rights and other topics of concern to the League.  And while talking is something that is constantly done at the United Nations, Margery effectively promoted action in solving issues, always urging us to share best practices and identify what can be done by the attendees after they left the panel discussion.

We salute Margery and her many achievements and thank her for many years of service and leadership.

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