Dear League Leaders,

Like many of us, I am on diet. Just trying to eat less and smarter. I've been doing okay. How about you? As I was thinking about "weight loss", I was thinking about "wait loss" and started to morph that into our League world. I thought that there is rarely anything gained by waiting. On the contrary, the chances are greater that you'll miss out on opportunities by delaying - you'll experience "wait loss." Some delays are inevitable, but most are self-imposed delays based on fear, insecurities, and distractions.

Fear. League leaders fear failure,  some fear making the wrong choice or making a mistake, and far too many people simply fear change. Fear can make a me put off a decision completely - and not making a decision at all can be far more damaging than making a wrong decision. Just make the phone call (or you fill in the this blank_________________) (one way or the other) and you will sense such a relief of stress that it may cure you from delaying your decisions in the future.

Insecurities. Self-limiting beliefs can cause the most damning wait loss. It comes from a place of self-doubt. Perhpas you feel that you aren't smart enough to take action, or that the whole thing is simply doomed to failure. Reviewing past successes and using positive, daily self-talk can help defeat this problem.

Distractions. A failure to truly commit to your League's efforts cause allows lesser activities to creep in and take up priority positions in your mind and on your to-do list. You allow yourself to get so busy with other items that you convince yourself that you simply just don't have the time to do that which you know is important. You allow the urgent-but-not-important tasks to usurp your own common sense of what you know you should be doing. Paralysis by analysis is a common form of distraction. You obsess over research and minor details during the planning stages and allow these minute issues to continually delay the start of your project. Take that first step - and it will propel you forward.

Like any successful weight loss program, even this "wait loss" program requires an increase in activity. Go out and DO something - take ACTION today

I did. I signed the petition on The White House website urging President Obama to appoint new commissioners to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).