Dear League Friends,

I came across a poem in my files that I thought should see the light of day again. It was written anonymously by a Massachusetts member many years ago. I thought you might enjoy it and find a use for it too!.




It seems to me this year

I'm busier than before

I'm tempted to resign from the League

Instead I take on more!


Now why is that? I ask myself,

(For surely that's a reason)

I'll have more time, I tell myself,

Right after the rush season.


Besides, League members are my good friends

I couldn't let them down.

Those surface reasons, I advance -

(The real one's further down)


I think the answer lies somewhere

Deep within myself.

I want to see my talents used,

Not rusted on the shelf.


I want America to be

A better place to live.

Just talking won't improve it-

We also have to give.


I want to find myself among the workers, not the floaters-

And that is why I am neck-deep

In the League of Women Voters.