Myra Evans is a member of the League of Women Voters of Mobile (AL). Some of Myra’s work with the League has been as the local Nominating Chair, member of the local Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) Ambassador Team and youth voter outreach coordinator/facilitator. She is sought out as a “connector,” someone with an ability to assess a circumstance and offer suggestions. Locally, Myra’s mantra is “it is all about the party” – not the political party, but the fun that is shared when work is done in groups, and always the more the merrier.

As a bit of a vagabond early in life, Myra have been blessed to live in different states and countries. Myra and her husband like to say that currently they are Mobilians by choice. That choice has enabled Myra to work with a number of non-profits with varied focuses from sex education to preschoolers to community growing to housing. Myra is now enjoying expanding her circle of friends and knowledge through the MLD program as a Ruth S. Shur Fellow.

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