A new publication from the League of Women Voters, “9TH FORUM FOR THE FUTURE,” shares the outcomes of the 2012 G8 Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative.  The publication published under the signatures of the co-host governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Tunisia and the three nongovernmental partners of the co-host governments, the League of Women Voters, ARFORGHE, and the Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce. 

The publication includes the Final Declaration of the 9th Forum for the Future, the Civil Society and Private Sector Recommendations, and all notes from the preparatory meetings in Morocco and Jordan is a 104 page document in English, French and Arabic.  It has been distributed to all 300 registered participants as well as to partners and friends.

This publication is intended as a resource for all 2012 participants and their local partners to continue the dialogue with their governments on the issues agreed upon at the 9th Forum meeting in Tunis, Tunisia in December 2012, on the themes of women’s empowerment, economic governance and entrepreneurship, and freedom of expression and association.  This document also creates a paper trail so that future participants can review, remember, and build on the efforts of the 2012 G8 BMENA Initiative.     

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