To propose a new study, you need to fill out that section on the response form and include a brief statement (300 words or less), stating the scope of the study. List this statement under the appropriate position heading – Representative Government, International Relations, Natural Resources, or Social Policy (see Impact on Issues for detailed descriptions of these headings –a summary is also available here). A statement of scope lists the areas to be explored, the emphasis on a particular aspect of the issue, and the parameters of the study. It is helpful to the staff and Program Planning Committee, if several Leagues are proposing or supporting the same study, that they use the same position heading and consistent wording in the brief summary of scope.  In addition to checking the LWVEF Clearinghouse, before proposing a study on a new topic, Leagues are encouraged to use the Convention and Leaders Forums to inquire if any state or local League has a position on the proposed topic.  If so, you might consider proposing a concurrence rather than a new study.