On August 27, 2010, American Councils in Baku organized a round table discussion and reception to bring together Open World Leadership Center (OWLC) alumni hosted by the League of Women Voters. Event participants were Zaida Arguedas, Deputy Executive Director, Xandra Kayden, former LWVUS Board member, Terry R. Davidson, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy Baku, Christopher Shields, DAI, twenty-one alumni (Rustamova Gular, Najafov Rovshan, Babayeva Leman, Ilyasli Ilqar, Nuraliyev Ramin, Suleymanli Bashir, Badirkhanli Imran, Huseynova Gultakin, Bakirov Babak, Ismayilov Ismayil, Hasanov Agshin, Mirzazada Elchin, Aliyev Ramiz, Huseynov Heydar, Gasimov Sadail, Gahramanov Nizami, Jafarova Irade, Alakbarov Damat, Orujov Zahid, Garajayev Jeyhun, Ismayilov Elshad), October 2010 group (Dementyeva Victoria, Fataliyev Ziya, Suleymanova Konul, Ismayilova Khuraman, Rustamov Elshan), and facilitators (Kanan Jafarli, Kamran Ismayilov, Kheyreddin Alakbarov, Nigar Baimova).  Alumnus from remote regions like Astara and Lerik came to the meeting.

The alumni discussed the impact that OWLC had for them and emphasized the importance of experiencing US family life.  Jeyhun Garajayev and Elshad Ismayilov (2010 alumni) shared their promotion after their OWLC experience.  Jeyhun, who was MM staff, is now Judge for the Constitutional Court and Elshad Ismayilov, MM staff, has been promoted to the position of Senior Advisor, HR/MPAs. Zahid Orujov, MP, thanked OWLCc administrators for the chance to observe U.S. political system. The participants noted the importance of the conference held in Ganja in the eve of Parliament Elections in Azerbaijan. Bakirov Babak, senior reporter with Radio Liberty, Azerbaijan, noted that exchange programs are eneficial for the community when they are able to implement some of the new ideas learned.  Zaida emphasized the role of women in elections. Huseynova Gultakin, correspondent for "Azadliq (Liberty)" Newspaper, noted that a great deal of work should be done to increase activeness of voters in general.  Gasimov Sadail, Chief of Municipality, Astara region Tulaguvan Municipality, presented a video cassette to Zaida reflecting some materials about U.S. and Azerbaijan.  Most alumni emphasized the importance of host families in understanding the culture and values of the United States.