Imagine What Your League Could  Accomplish If . . . 

-YOUR League was growing in membership and funding.

-YOU and YOUR League leaders had training and mentoring before leading and support while leading.

-OUR League’s voice was as strong and powerful as our reputation in all communities across the United States!


That is the long term vision of the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) Program.

 Today, our democracy faces some very real challenges:

    • a deepening political divide;
    • new and increasingly aggressive attacks on voting rights across the United States; and
    • the dissemination of misinformation regarding the political process as a whole.


NOW more than ever, voters crave authentic solutions and want nonpartisan, factual information from a trustworthy source.

NOW is the time to ensure our League voice remains strong as we promote our focused, quality work.


As part of the program, local Leagues employ best practices intentionally focused on strengthening and growing the League and the League's impact, with the help of state and national coaches for support. Local Leagues, state Leagues, and coaches are all trained in tried-and-true techniques proven to recruit new members and engage and retain current members, develop leaders and examine sustainability.

Currently, over 170 state coaches are working with 27 national coaches (also known as the Ruth S. Shur Fellows) to provide guidance, mentoring, and support to local Leagues across the country. And we are already seeing results!

 The Leagues participating in the MLD experienced significant growth in 2012. Membership in these Leagues increased by 1.34% as compared to growth of 0.3% for all Leagues nationwide! This is the first time we have seen nationwide membership growth in decades and in some states participating in MLD, membership growth exceeded 20%!


The MLD program is funded by the Fund for Local League Growth. Give to the fund and help grow the League in your community. For more information about the MLD program and how to participate, please contact Shauneen Grout at