A selection of photographs from the events of the 2012 G8 Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative is now available on the League of Women Voters Flickr site.

These photographs were drawn from the 9th Forum for the Future (Tunis, Tunisia - December 13, 2012), the Civil Society and Private Sector Preparatory Meeting (Tunis, Tunisia - December 11-12), the Sub-Ministerial Meeting (Washington, DC, USA - November 1-2, 2012), the Second Preparatory Workshop on Economic Governance and Entrepreneurship (Amman, Jordan - October 1-2, 2012), the First Preparatory Workshop on Women's Empowerment (El Jadida, Morocco - September 3-4, 2012), and the National Workshop on Advocacy (El Jadida, Morocco - September 6, 2012).