League of Women Voters Urges Voters to Prepare for Primary/Caucus/Super Tuesday

Visit VOTE411.org for Candidate Information, Helpful Tips

[CITY, STATE] - League of Women Voters of XXX president NAME today urged voters in CITY/COMMUNITY to prepare for the upcoming primary/caucus by visiting VOTE411.org to find their polling place, check voting hours, [Learn about the candidates- if your League is utilizing the candidate software] and ballot measures, and read tips about voting in [STATE].

“Voters in CITY/COMMUNITY need simple, helpful tools to help them navigate the voting process and Election Day,” said NAME.  “VOTE411.org is the nation’s premiere online election resource and the League of Women Voters of XXX has added our voter’s guide to VOTE411.org so that is can serve as a resource for all of CITY/COMMUNITY’S voters.”

[INSERT ADDITIONAL DETAILS OF STATE/LOCAL LEAGUE ELECTIONS WORK: High school Voter registration; voter’s guide; voter education efforts/debates, etc.].

“VOTE411 is a resource for all of CITY/COMMUNITY’s voters.  And for young voters, the League has produced a new Take Control web video that encourages our newest generation of voters to get registered and vote this year,” NAME said.  “This video, together with the League’s Electing the President publication, provide a strong foundation for explaining the voting and democratic process and encouraging voters to participate.”

“The best thing we can all do is urge everyone to prepare by visiting VOTE411.org and, of course, remind everyone to vote on DATE of PRIMARY/CAUCUS or get registered to participate in the general election later this year,” concluded NAME.