March 2013

League of Women Voters:  Making History in Women’s History Month

[YOUR TOWN] – As a champion of women’s suffrage and a key player in civic affairs, it is only fitting that the League of Women Voters of [YOUR TOWN] is calling on the public to recognize Women’s History Month, an annual commemoration each March to remember the achievements of women in the past and celebrate the successes of women today.

“The League of Women Voters of [YOUR TOWN] is proud to honor the work of generations of women this month,” said [LOCAL LEAGUE LEADER]. “We are particularly grateful for the incredible work women in [TOWN] have done to improve our community, educate voters, and make our democracy work for us all.  Today’s League draws on the strength of all of our members – a group that includes a diversity of volunteers representing different genders, ages and ethnicities.”

“From our organization’s founder, Carrie Chapman Catt, a leader in the suffrage movement more than 100 years ago, to today’s [INSERT NAMES OF PROMINENT LOCAL WOMEN – E.G., CIVIC OR BUSINESS LEADERS. USE LEAGUE MEMBERS IF POSSIBLE], women impact our democracy – and our lives,” said [LOCAL LEAGUE LEADER NAME AND TITLE]. “Look at the recent activity at the Supreme Court– challenges to the Voting Rights Act and National Voter Registration Act are underway. It is the perfect reminder of how precious our right to vote is, especially to women who only got this right 93 years ago.”

[HIGHLIGHT THE STORY OF A LEAGUE MEMBER HERE -- e.g., You might not know her name, but if you have ever been to a Town Council meeting, you’ll recognize her face. And, every week, you can see her impact on Our Town. It’s Mary Smith, a veteran member of the League of Women Voters Observer Corps, who worked to get the Town Council meetings broadcast on public access television. “I attend Town Council meetings to see what is happening – not just the issues but to ensure that open government rules are being followed. It’s not that there is any wrong doing, but it’s healthy to let the sunshine in,” said Smith.]

League members work year-round to assist all voters by providing fact-based information about important community issues, and improving the quality of life in [TOWN]. This month, the League is [INFORMATION ABOUT AN UPCOMING EVENT OR ISSUE THAT THE LEAGUE IS WORKING ON].

In the past, the League has focused its attention on [INSERT ACHIEVEMENT OF LOCAL LEAGUE – e.g., In the past, the League has focused its attention on land use issues in Monroe County. The League strongly advocated for passage of the stricter zoning laws that were approved by the County Commissioners in January.]

“The League is the place where active women and men community leaders are bringing about change,” said [LOCAL LEAGUE LEADER]. “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than to join the League and get involved in the hands-on work to strengthen our community.”

For information on Women’s History Month and other upcoming events, visit [YOUR WEB SITE].

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Membership in the League is open to men and women of all ages. With more than 93 years of experience and almost 800 local and state affiliates, the League is one of America’s most trusted grassroots organizations.