To get LWVUS Program Planning off to a good start, put national Program Planning on your League’s calendar for the 2014.

  • Set a date and invite members to participate in a Program Planning meeting, in person or online, or set a deadline for members to submit input by mail or email. We recommend that meetings be held in January or February 2014. Remind your members to prepare for participation in Program Planning by looking at Impact on Issues, 2012-2014, which is available on the LWVUS website and the LWVEF Clearinghouse which includes many state and local League positions.
  • Use Voter newsletters and email to publicize LWVUS Program Planning so that members begin thinking about possible issues not covered by current positions well before the scheduled Program Planning meeting.
  • Encourage members to evaluate possible issues by asking, for example:

▪ Is there widespread member interest?

▪ Is this a timely issue?

▪ Is government action the most effective way to address the problem?

  • Recommend that members with issue interests join the LWVUS Convention     Forum, where members will be discussing convention related matters which can include promoting issues and the Program Planning process. 
  • If your League wants to promote a proposal to other Leagues for their consideration, you can obtain email addresses for state and local Leagues by contacting   This contact information may be used to communicate by email on program planning as well as other convention related matters, and each League is entitled to receive a free copy once each biennium.