The League’s experience in Ukraine dates back to 1995 and to its project “Strengthening Women’s Rights in the Newly Independent States.”  Through this project, the League provided technical training and assistance to women’s nongovernmental organizations to ensure the sustained role of women in developing and monitoring the rule of law in Ukraine and in Russia.  As part of this program, and in partnership with the Moscow Center for Gender Studies and the Ukrainian Center for Women Studies, the League sponsored a grassroots exchange program in the United States for 20 women leaders from Russia and Ukraine.  An essential part of this exchange was the award of twelve seed grants funds to selected NGOs to support local projects.  Ties with the participants continue today in particular with the participants from Kirovohrad.

In November 2006, Zaida Arguedas, deputy executive director of the League of Women Voters, participated in events sponsored by the U.S. Public Affairs office in Ukraine. Arguedas opened the U.S. Embassy-sponsored “Women in Governance” conference and conducted a master class on how to enhance gender equality for 30 women elected officials from 20 oblasts in Ukraine. She also led a discussion with more than 20 representatives from women's NGOs, government agencies, universities and U.S. government exchange program alumni.

Subsequently, Arguedas traveled to Lviv in western Ukraine to participate in a roundtable organized by the Women's Perspectives organization to encourage greater women's involvement in decision-making processes. Local television and radio stations covered the event.

In addition Zaida traveled with Joyce Benson, chair of the International Committee of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota, to Kirovohrad to reunite with former participants in different exchange programs. 

The League continued its relationship with Ukraine by hosting delegates from Ukraine with funding from the Open World Leadership Center(OWLC) from 2006 – 2010.