Before recommending a study, review and update or concurrence, Leagues need to consider the resource commitment required for their own League as well as for the national League. A recommendation of a new study, review/update or concurrence is a request to give the recommendation a high priority for the biennium at both the local and national League levels. If a recommendation is adopted, local Leagues and LWVUS, with limited resources – money, but even more importantly volunteer time – may find it necessary to drop other activities in order to participate. Although technology has made it possible to reduce expenses, there are still significant staff time costs, even with unbelievable hours of volunteer work by the national study committee.  Each study or update includes the process of choosing a committee which then meets for a number of months to work on study materials and consensus questions.  So, as you consider the scope of any proposed study or update, remember that consensus process must be capable of completion between July 2014 and April 2016.