"I grew up with the League! As a young girl, my mom would go to meetings in a small town named Malden in Massachusetts, and it was natural for me to follow suit.

Back in the 50's, I remember that the League's annual meeting was so important to my mother that she picked a special hat for the occasion each year. I still have some of her wonderful, imaginative toppers. To me, the importance of the League was magnified by the value that she placed on her involvement. Although not college educated, she worked on publicity and created skits for their events.

Interestingly, my role has not strayed far. I love to think out-of-the-box and to create opportunities. The fundraising programs and the celebratory Golden Gala for 50 year members were a joy to do for Maryland. Today, I am creating a satire about my community -" Good Evening, Calvert" as our fall fundraiser. It makes me proud to follow in Mom's footsteps.

The League is an important part of my life, and I have now converted my husband to a loyal member chairing a Nuclear Forum for Calvert County in the Fall. I only hope that my daughters will follow suit."

~Roberta Safer, LWV of Calvert County, MD

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