The League of Women Voters was contacted by long time League member Gail O'Reilly in 2005 to inquire about the possibility for the League to work in Armenia. As a result of the Gail's direct involvement, the League was invited by Counterpart International to participate in a nation-wide conference "The Role of NGOs in the Policy Decision Making Process." Zaida Arguedas represented the League and during her brief visit traveled to Vanadzor (near the border with Turkey) and to Goris (near the border with Iran).  During these visits Zaida met with members of different nongovernmental organizations working with Counterpart International on different issues of importance to Armenia.

The conference brought to Yerevan representatives from four hundred NGOs for 3-days in April 2007. The conference opened with a great reception at the Aram Khachatorian Museum with the participation of international funders, speakers, and friends of Armenia. The conference was held at American University of Armenia and the League's presentation "Fundraising from the Business Community" was delivered to a room overflowing with attendees. The conference concluded with a wonderful presentation by different folkloric groups.

See also "Coaching NGOs for Effective Advocacy in the Syunik Area, Armenia - 2008-2009."