Sample Radio Script: Voter Participation

The League of Women Voters is working with media nationwide to be sure voters have all the information they need to participate in this election.  Please use the suggested script below to reach your listeners between now and Election Day. If your station has a website, please also link to the League's election information website,

Suggested Script:  

The countdown to Election Day has begun!

Are you ready to vote?

It’s time to make sure you are prepared! This election is an important one for our country--and the outcome is in your hands. We encourage you to head to the polls November 6th!  

If you have questions about your polling place, how to request an absentee ballot, or any other election related questions, visit (that’s for all you need this election year.

This election will affect you - your job, your health care, your energy costs and more. The League of Women Voters urges you to join us in making our communities fair, safe and strong by visiting and voting on November 6th!