We’re Hiring!

That’s really what this election season is about after all. Now is the time when every eligible voter in America should be reviewing resumes and coming up with tough interview questions. Whether you are a college student or senior citizen, a secretary or CEO – every registered voter has the right to evaluate the political candidates who are applying for some pretty important jobs across the country.

Of course, this is a presidential election year. But as voters, we also need to decide who will do the best job for us right here in [STATE AND LOCAL COMMUNITY]. It is up to each of us to learn about the candidates before we cast the votes that will determine who we hire come November.

Whether we are concerned about foreign affairs or local ordinances, the national economy or new roads, few of us will have the opportunity to personally ask our questions to each candidate.  So, where do we go to find these answers? 

We certainly need to look beyond the rhetoric and TV advertising blitzes. Fortunately, the League of Women Voters’ has created to help you do just that.  This website was created to provide you with your personalized voting guide that includes up-to-date information you need to cast your ballot, including who’s on your ballot, your polling place, information about voting early or absentee in your state. Here in [LOCAL COMMUNITY], information about the candidates and where they stand on the key issues that make a difference in our lives is available on

And here in [LOCAL COMMUNITY], we can also listen to the candidates themselves as they express their thoughts in their own, unedited words. We have candidate forums coming up [ADD DETAIL AS APPROPRIATE FOR LOCAL].

Of course on the national stage, the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates are already in full swing. These events provide valuable access to the candidates’ plans and perspectives, and serve as opportunities for us all to get the information we need to make up our minds. I do hope that you will watch the national debates with friends and family, and attend a local debate or forum to hear from the candidates first hand.

These last weeks before Election Day are an important time for all of us to take advantage of all the opportunities we have to get our questions answered by the candidates. After all, it’s a competitive job market out there and we want to get the best available candidate for each position we have open in our government. Vote, November 6th! Our jobs, health, education, families and futures depend on it.

Signed, President of the Area League of Women Voters

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