The Second Preparatory Meeting of the 9th Forum for the Future will take place in Amman, Jordan, October 1-2, 2012.  This second meeting which focuses on Economic Governance presents an opportunity to bring together governments and private sector/civil society representatives to discuss critical economic governance and growth issues and identify concrete steps to improve the business and investment climate, create jobs, and encourage entrepreneurs.  Among the themes that have been identified as possible agenda topics are:  entrepreneurship (with a sub-focus on women), transparency, including anti-corruption, and public access to information.  

This event will include some traditional civil society organizations that focus on economic governance and development, chambers of commerce and business associations, private sector representatives, IOs, IFIs, and governments.  In bringing together these diverse participants, the idea is to address selected topics from various perspectives to create a fuller understanding of the issues, challenges, possibilities, and opportunities.  Civil society provides a grassroots perspective and an accountability role; businesspeople articulate the specific challenges they face due to burdensome regulations, lack of transparency/corruption, and limited access to financing, etc.; and IOs and IFIs offer expert advice and best practices, and also inform governments of assistance opportunities.