"While in graduate school, I took an internship, and my first assignment was researching voter participation in my homestate of South Carolina. The results were dismaying to me, but my research introduced me to the LWV in Charleston. I decided to join the League to contribute a small amount of money to their civic engagement efforts. 

Five years later, I know how important the League is to registering voters, but even more importantly they are a source of unbiased information when it can be hard to find. We go about our mission of "making democracy work" on a daily basis.

My contributions to the League have been returned to me many-fold, through valuable friendships, leadership development, and the assurance of involvement in important work outside of the home (although I never doubt how important my work as a stay-at-home mom is either). I'm truly thankful for the League in so many ways."

~Shayna Howell, LWVUS Ruth S. Shur Fellow

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