Smackdown your Vote!


2010 Democracy Award

What:       LWVEF is pleased to announce the Smackdown Your Vote! 2010 Democracy Award contest, an initiative to recognize Leagues for their outstanding work to engage young people in the political process and encourage them to vote.   

Awards:   $4,000 (grand prize), $2,000 (two first-place winners)



Who:       Eligibility open to any state and local League conducting work in the area of youth engagement, registration & voting

When:     Applications due November 30, 2010

Why:        As we look toward our next 90 years, Smackdown Your Vote! is proud to recognize Leagues that are making a difference for the next generation of voters. Be part of our democracy’s future and earn recognition for your League!  

How:      Preview the application above, and plan to submit your final application following the conclusion of your election activities. Check the Leaders' Update for future instructions.

Award Criteria: Winning Leagues will creatively engage underrepresented youth, build partnerships with area schools & community groups, and harness successful youth engagement activities to build League visibility & capacity for the long term!