Thank you for your willingness to act on this important issue!  This petition process has been set up by the White House on the website.  Many of the procedures they put in place are designed to safeguard the process by preventing automated systems from "stuffing the ballot box."

While the process may seem complicated, if you take them step-by-step you'll succeed in signing this important petition.  To sign the petition, you must first create an account on the White House’s “We the People” page. Please follow these easy to use instructions on how to create an account and sign the petition.

First start by going to the petition website: Next Click on “Sign In/ Create An Account” located at the bottom of the page. (see Image 1).


By clicking on this link a small box will pop up.

Sign In

Unless you have signed a petition on this site before, you will need to create an account. You may do so by clicking on the “Create an Account” button. (see example below)

Register form

Fill in the information required. This includes your first name, last name, email address and zip code. You will also need to type in the two word phrase or symbols under the sign up box. The phrase helps this site and others ensure that you are a real person, and helps to prevent “stuffing the ballot box” with automated answers from those wishing to rig the petition. (*NOTE* This will be different for every person and WILL NOT be the same phrase listed below.) You will also be asked if you wish to receive emails from the White House. It is not required that you check this box; it is your choice. Once you have entered this information, click Register!



Once you have hit “Register” the system will send you an email, the account you registered to verify that you are a real person. (This is another safeguard to prevent “stuffing the ballot box” and abuse of the petition system.)

When you receive the email it will look similar to the one below. Click on the first link in the email.

Confirmation Email

By clicking on this link, it should return you to the Petition website. Once there, you can click on the green “Sign this petition” button and it will automatically fill in your information to your name!

Sign the Petition

You will receive a successful message indicating that you have signed the petition, in the form or a yellow banner across the top of the screen! Check for your name to appear in the sign in bubbles. If it does not appear, click refresh to reload the page.

Help with redirection to the website/petition: After being redirected to the petition from your email, you should be signed into the website. If you are not, there are two things that you can do.

  • Hit refresh, to see if the page loads correctly.
  • Sign out and then sign back in using the username and password that you already created. Once signed in again, hit the great “Sign This Petition” button. If this does not work, email with a description of the problem and someone will work to help you through the process.

Thank you again for taking action around this important petition. We appreciate your support!