The League of Women Voters of Florida, Oxfam Canada and the Global Democracy Programs of the League of Women Voters Education Fund have joined efforts to organize "Un dialogo entre mujeres: Cuba" (A Dialogue Among Women: Cuba). This dialogue will take place in Tampa, Florida on Friday, May 11 at 12:00 pm in the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel. The idea for this dialogue arose from the ongoing efforts of the LWVF's program "Sisters Across the Straits" and the LWVEF's ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of women in areas of decision-making. Our two guests from Cuba are Dr. Blanca Muster and Dr. Reina Fleitas. Dr. Fleitas is a tenured professor in the Sociology Department of the University of La Habana and Dr. Muster is Assistant Researcher in the Research Center on the Global Economy (Centro de Investigaciones de la Economia Mundial (CIEM)). Both women are authors of the book "50 anos despues: Mujeres y Cambio Social en Cuba" (50 Years Later: Women and Social Change in Cuba). Price to attend is $30. Join us for an afternoon of camaraderie and delicious Cuban cuisine!

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