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Anne Gleich, College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University

Summer 2015

As a political science student, I have studied our system of government from a largely theoretical perspective. This summer, I have had the opportunity to take what I’ve learned in the classroom and pair this knowledge with practical experience.

My internship with the League of Women Voters has given me the chance to gain hands-on experience in the non-profit world. Over the course of the summer, I have had the opportunity to follow LWV volunteer lobbyists on Capitol Hill, have had direct contact with the League’s members, worked on social media, and completed a research project on voter rights issues. Given this wide variety of tasks, I feel that I have been able to see the League from many perspectives.

This summer also was a great time to be in D.C.  With landmark Supreme Court cases decided on which the League had filed amicus briefs, I was able to see the connection between “real world” happenings with work I was doing at the League.

Perhaps the most rewarding experience of the summer, however, was to work in an office full of people are so obviously passionate about the work they do. Each person cares deeply about voter protection and engagement, and their enthusiasm made working here for the summer enjoyable and worthwhile.

Elizabeth Ahrens, Tufts University

Summer 2015

I feel thankful and fortunate to have been an intern at the League of Women Voters this summer. Not only was I respected by my co-workers, but this experience helped push me out of my comfort zone with challenging projects. I gained a full DC experience by learning what it takes to run a successful non-profit like the League. I am leaving DC this summer with a new confidence in my knowledge about the fields of voter protection, campaign finance, voter ID laws, and confidence in my voice to speak up for, and be a part of, the change I believe in.

League members inspired me to recognize the power of my voice and active citizenship. League members and staff respect their government and the value of their voices enough to fight to make our democracy stronger. The League has a strong and important history, but the hard work and dedication of League members makes the League important now and forever.  I will carry the lessons and skills I learned at the League with me long after my internship ends, and I am excited to bring the lessons I learned at LWVUS back to my local League in Richmond.

Grace Palmer, New York University

Spring 2015

Before my internship at LWVUS, my only exposure to the League was going to a couple of local meetings with my grandma and aunt, who are longtime members, so I had no idea what to expect when I reached the national office. There was no need to be concerned, however, because what I found was an office full of very welcoming and friendly people and a workload that extended far beyond scanning and copying. I wanted to be able to experience the real world outside the abstract concepts in political science textbook, and interning at the League allowed me to truly understand and engage in political advocacy at both the national and local level.

I especially enjoyed getting to sit in on lobby corps meetings and being able to do some research on topics including voting legislation and upcoming elections. I’m grateful for the chance to hone my writing skills with blogs and the history major in me was very excited when I catalogued some of the League’s books and found books dating back to the 1800s. I was able to work with a number of different departments and interact with local Leagues and members.

I really appreciated the opportunity to work at the League. I learned a lot and highly recommend the experience to anyone else!

 Natalie Hall, George Washington University

Spring 2015

My time at the League of Women Voters of the United States was such an educational and enriching experience. The staff at LWVUS was great; everyone was warm and welcoming and they were incredibly helpful at every stage of my internship.

I enjoyed the research I was able to do the most. I was regularly doing research on relevant issues and local elections across the country which gave me insight into the inner workings of our democracy. During an LWVUS board meeting I had the opportunity to sit in on the Advocacy Committee’s meeting which was incredibly fascinating. The LWVUS, having UN Observer status, has helped host event engaging young women from all over the world in education and democracy and has taken steps to end human trafficking. Hearing about these events and experiences has helped me to better understand what I may want to do in the future: work with women internationally, specifically through the UN.

I would highly recommend an internship with the League. It offers nonpartisan insight into the political sphere and I was able to learn more about the democratic process here in the United States.. It was a treat working for the League of Women Voters!

Emily Ervin, American University

Fall 2014

I’ve really appreciated my time here at the League of Women Voters of the United States. I applied to this internship with the hope of immersing myself in the League community, and the staff here made that very easy. Everyone that I have met at the League was kind and helpful throughout my entire internship. With the help of the LWVUS staff I was able to learn a lot about websites updating, how they are maintained, and the projects that go in to producing an informative site. I also enjoyed working on projects to help plan the League’s 95th anniversary, specific projects that helped me learn about elections in a variety of states, and projects that advanced my communication skills through direct contact with numerous local Leagues.

The projects that I enjoyed the most were the ones for Vote 411 and social media.  Vote 411, to me, was a highlight of interning at the League of Women Voters because of my interest in learning specifics about the election process state-by-state. It also allowed me to point some friends and family in the direction of critical election information this Fall! The projects that I did on Vote 411, as well as other activities, helped me to create a better understanding of the political process. I also helped out with the League’s social media presence. Posting and having input on the social media sites was a good experience for me in how to use social media in a professional way to advance an organization’s mission. I also enjoyed the opportunity to write blogs for the website writing about meaningful issues that I enjoyed researching.

I would definitely recommend this internship for others! I appreciate the diversity of projects I was able to help with from different departments, which gave me insight into what I might want to do in my career. The range of opportunities provided for me at the League made the experience informative and fun, for which I am grateful. 

Samantha Russell, American University

Fall 2014

This past fall semester I was given to opportunity to intern for the League of Women Voters in Washington DC.  As a freshman college student in a new city, I did not know what to expect.   However, as I am reflecting on these past few months, I am grateful for the time I have spent working with the League.  When I started my internship search this fall, I knew I wanted to work with a non-profit organization.  In the past, I have volunteered for many different non-profits and was eager to see what working “behind the scenes” at these types of organizations was like. 

It was a professor at American University that suggested I look into an internship at the League.  The League of Women Voters was a familiar name to me but I was not aware of just how much work the League does until I actually got started.  Aside from learning the best way to squeeze myself into a packed rush hour metro car in DC, I have gained professional experience, learned tons of information on the importance of protecting voting rights for all citizens and came to understand some of the inner workings of a non-profit organization. 


Things like interacting with colleagues in an office setting, creating online surveys and drafting blog posts have all been valuable experience that I would have not gained from my university classes alone.  In addition, I have learned more about voting rights and the challenges Americans are facing at the polls, money in politics, environmental advocacy work, better communication skills and most notably, the importance of being an educated citizen and active voter.  Being a student in DC and more importantly as a voter, I am grateful I was given the opportunity to find out more about these fundamental parts of our democracy.    

Lily Klein-Evans, Northwestern University

Summer 2014

My own experience voting for the first time in 2012 motivated me to intern with the League of Women Voters. The LWV Voters guide I received in the mail provided clear, unbiased information that helped me understand the issues and candidates on the ballot and make an informed decision. I learned firsthand how important voter information is and how valuable resources like those the League provides are. Interning with the League this summer gave me the opportunity to contribute to a cause I believe in while learning about voting rights issues and developing my own skills.

I had the chance to work on a wide range of projects including researching congressional redistricting and voting history, writing blogs, and interviewing members of Leagues across the country. I gained a deeper understanding of environmental, campaign finance, voting rights, criminal justice, and women’s rights issues from these projects and the congressional panels and events I was able to attend as part of my internship. I also learned about the League’s advocacy efforts and the role it plays in these larger, national debates through lobbying and education. As a political science major, I was able to see how the things I’ve studied as abstract concepts in classrooms actually happen in the real world. Interning with the League was a great opportunity and a wonderful experience.

Hana Migliorato, Tufts University

Summer 2014

My summer with the League of Women Voters of the United States has been a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone who is passionate about voter engagement, interested in nonprofit work, or looking for an opportunity to learn by working with the many different departments that make up a single organization. During my ten weeks as an intern, I gained insight into how the League functions and feel that I was able to contribute to a cause that I feel strongly about.

In the League I found passionate and engaged people who were welcoming and supportive. My supervisor made sure that I always had a meaningful project to work on. I appreciated the opportunity to have both long-term and short-term projects in which I was given the freedom to plan and execute. Because the office has many departments, I was able to work with most of them each week which allowed me to see the inner workings of a nonprofit. Everyone at the office was friendly and happy to share information about what they are working on. My fellow interns and I were able to attend hearings on the Hill about the Voting Rights Amendment Act and participate in events held by other voting rights advocacy groups in DC, opportunities we wouldn’t have had in any other city. I enjoyed taking advantage of all of the events and experiences that Washington DC had to offer after work and on the weekends. 

There are many new voting ID laws being put in place across the country for the 2014 elections. I saw firsthand how difficult it can be to find voting information on state websites, which confirmed the need for organizations like the League of Women Voters and websites like I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with an organization with such a history and a presence in the advocacy world. 


Claudia Maisch, Binghamton University

 Summer 2014

Interning with the League’s national office this past summer has been a very rewarding experience. I was able to learn about how each department of the organization operates from first-hand experience working on projects with different members of the office. During my internship I researched, conducted interviews, wrote blogs, gained website skills, and worked with membership and development. I was part of an intern team, collaborating on many projects and gaining group-work skills in the process. Over the course of the summer, I participated in a conference call with national coaches and spear-headed a portion of the meeting, relaying information to the coaches that I had previously researched. In addition to my work with the League, I had the opportunity to attend advocacy events regarding the Voting Rights Amendment Act, an event about the DISCLOSE Act, and a briefing on Feminist activism for interns and students. The internship with LWVUS introduced me to a breadth of information and involvement providing me with the chance to gain tangible skills and experiences that will help me become a more capable professional in the future.

Everyone in the League’s national office is very welcoming. Upon my first day interning with the League, I learned so much of what Washington, DC had to offer through countless suggestions and enthusiasm for the city from many members of the office. Over the summer I explored the museums, monuments, and other hot-spots of the city. Interning with the League not only allowed me to gain great professional skills, it also allowed me the opportunity to experience Washington, DC!

My future career aspirations include working in the nonprofit sector. By interning with the League, I was exposed to the inner workings of a nonprofit organization, allowing me to learn what it takes to manage a nonprofit from the national to grassroots level. I would recommend an internship with the League for anyone who is interested in a gaining experience working with nonprofit organizations. My experience with the League was extremely valuable, and I am grateful to have spent my summer participating in this internship.


Kelsey Greenagel, George Washington University

Spring 2014

Working at the League this past semester has been a great experience! The whole staff is very welcoming and I was included in weekly meetings which made me feel like a part of the team. I interacted with the League at the local, state and national level through my various activities and correspondences. This provided real insight into how a non-profit organization functions on a day-to-day basis.

Interning at the national office allowed me an inside look at all the League’s work towards achieving its objectives. Reading memos on Supreme Court cases and sitting in on a meeting dealing with gerrymandering were interesting for a political junkie like me. The political objectives were a nice backdrop, but the majority of my work centered on the workings of a non-profit organization—valuable knowledge for someone pursuing political or international careers. I also worked a lot with the Membership department, which offered me a unique perspective on how a large organization like the League operates. As a League intern, I had the opportunity to complete substantive work along with my everyday office work: I designed postcards and flyers for League events, I wrote a blog post for the League’s national website which was published under my own name and I completed research on interesting topics such as examining close upcoming political races. I felt like a vital member, not just a coffee-runner. The main objective of interning is to gain valuable workplace experience.  I feel the League has amply provided this for me. I’m sad my time at the League has come to a close, which speaks to the quality of an internship at the League of Women Voters.

Alex Clearfield, Johns Hopkins University

Fall 2013

 I have often found that my political science classes, while interesting, were far removed from actual experience and the realities of American politics in 2013. In my experiences at school and in other internships, I  discovered that I was happiest when I was actively engaged with politics and policy; at the League of Women Voters, I was able to dive into the work that a large, national, respected nonprofit does on one of the most  important issues facing the United States: voting rights.

Voting rights is far too often ignored as a salient issue, because many do not vote and those less likely to be affected by unfair practices do not think about it. With the Voting Rights Act gutted by the Supreme Court, I was motivated to apply for an internship with LWV and be a part of the fight for voting rights and voter education. They are at the foundation of our democracy, and as an LWV intern I got exposed to these issues and saw the fight for voting rights at the ground level. The LWV staff is eager to get interns involved in all departments, from membership to communications to advocacy. The work is substantive; I wrote a report on the membership strategies of other large, national nonprofits so LWV could assess its own membership structure. I was able to pitch in on various other projects as well, and always felt my work and effort were highly valued. I was also able to interact with League members around the country, who are just as passionate about these issues as the national staff in Washington.

If you are interested in politics and/or the nonprofit sector, you should apply for an LWV internship. When you work at LWV, you know that you are working towards something important and doing your part to make our political climate more civil and productive. It’s a great work environment full of friendly, dedicated people and it’s an extremely valuable experience. I’m grateful that the LWV afforded me this opportunity, and I encourage you to take advantage of it as well.


D’Amber Allen, Howard University

Fall 2013

This Fall I had the privilege of interning at the League.  I had the chance to work with a diverse group of passionate, driven individuals that were welcoming, pleasant, and enthusiastic about the work they were involved in.  My time at the League opened my eyes to the hard work and diligence of a non-profit organization, and opened the door for me to continue work in the non-profit sector. 

 Working at the League of Women Voters has been a wonderful experience in all aspects.  I have always been interested in advocacy, elections, and community outreach, and how fortunate I was to find an internship where all three values that I believe in are part of the mission. My time at the League included work with membership outreach and leadership development, event planning, National Voters Registration Day coverage, and internal analysis.  If you are interested in interning at the League, be prepared for a phenomenal learning experience.  This internship opportunity has provided me with connections to passionate people, and an all around great experience within a non-profit organization.  



 Clara Roberts, Rice University

Summer 2013

 During my time at the League, I’ve had the opportunity to work with different departments on diverse projects, including authoring blog posts, designing handouts, coordinating with event venues, making website updates  and researching for the advocacy department. In addition to direct professional experience, the League internship also allowed me to glean a better understanding of the day-to-day work of non-profits and grassroots  organizations.

Staff members were unconditionally friendly, helpful, and eager to share their experiences. Though lively, the office environment is also relaxed and the internship provides the flexibility to allow students to explore the nation’s capital during their time in DC. The position not only accommodates for external experiences, it also provides opportunities to attend events for the League. One highlight of my time here was having the opportunity to ask Representative John Lewis about his opinion on the Voting Rights Act Supreme Court case and then reporting on his response. A second highlight was attending the League’s biennial National Council, where I was able to meet state and local League leaders from across the country and hear about their passionate efforts to improve our democracy.

I encourage potential applicants to read about the League’s long history and its multifaceted and fruitful policy efforts. Perhaps the most significant benefit of a League internship is the assurance gained from contributing to an organization that has integrity and a deep history of fighting for the public good. Through this position, I was able to gain tangible work experience, exposure to non-profit and advocacy work, connections to dedicated and successful co-workers, and a sense of fulfillment. 


 Sam Pevear, Connecticut College

 Summer 2013

 Through my studies at Connecticut College I have found my passion in the fields of Sociology and Gender and Women’s Studies. I felt as if I was walking through my majors without a clear sense of  where they could take me. Luckily that changed with the opportunity to intern at the League.  I was able to meet multiple women who had majored in Gender and Women’s Studies, which boosted my  confidence in my academic pursuits with an added drive.

Everyone made sure to make me part of the group while keeping me in the loop with events happening in and out of the office. My first week in DC I was able to attend a lecture with Representative and civil rights leader John Lewis. During my time here, I sat in on many meetings, such as one with women from Kosovo who were looking for advice on how to successfully integrate democracy into their own country.

The League of Women Voters is a community I feel honored to have become a part of. The passion within all of the members of this organization is palpable from the national to local level. Everyone understands that the role they play is significant, and I appreciated them taking time out to thank me for every task I did. Overall I got a better sense of how an NGO operates on a grassroots level, and can honestly say this experience has provided me with a spark to delve further into the possibility of pursuing a career in the nonprofit world. I can not thank all of the members of the League enough for affording me with such an invaluable experience


 Bethany White, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

 Spring 2013

 Interning at the League of Women Voters has been an incredibly valuable experience. As an international student with only three months in DC I wanted to make the most of what the city has to offer.  My aim was to secure an internship that reflected my interests, but also one that challenged me and provided me with the opportunity to get involved with varied work. I applied to many positions, but  the important work that the League does and the friendliness and commitment of the staff made it easy to make a decision about where I wanted to spend my time as an intern. The League has fulfilled all the hopes I had for my experience interning in Washington. It has been enlightening and exciting to work in a nonprofit environment in which everyone is committed to a mutual goal—improving democracy and advocating for important issues. Over the course of my internship I have been fortunate enough to work with most of the League’s departments, including Membership, Development, and Communications. This has provided me with a strong working understanding of how a national organization operates on all fronts. It has also given me insight into the strengths and challenges of organizing people at a grassroots level, as the League does across the country, and the degree to which thousands of people working and mobilizing locally can have such an impact on a national scale. The projects I worked on at the League were interesting and varied, from conducting research to working with Twitter and Facebook to helping organize events. The staff members I have been lucky enough to work with have all been incredibly friendly and helpful, and consistently appreciative of the work that I contributed.

All in all, my internship has struck a perfect balance between developing my abilities to contribute to the League’s work while also giving me substantial new skills and knowledge about the political processes in this country. The League has a great history and reputation that I feel very fortunate to have been part of.  I could not imagine a better internship experience for anyone interested in democracy, advocacy, or working for a nonprofit.