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Stories From Around the State

  • That’s the message high school students are getting from their local League of Women Voters. The Leagues are working in a nationwide push to register students at their “workplace.”

  • On Monday, April 11, 2011, the LWV of Greater Lafayette (LWVGL), Indiana, hosted the final public hearing presented by the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC). The ICRC, established in late 2010, is a panel created and supported jointly by AARP Indiana, Common Cause/Indiana, and the LWV of Indiana. The ICRC is composed of 11 members from across the state. The commission's goal is to educate the public on how redistricting takes place in Indiana and to urge citizens to get more involved in the process by demanding transparency. They also want voters to support the creation of an independent panel to create district maps in the future and provide input on drawing legislative maps. 


    At the hearing, 40 individuals from the Greater Lafayette area learned about the redistricting process and about how to make the process fairer and elections more competitive. They also got a preview of the proposed maps drawn by the 2011 Indiana General Assembly.  The maps laid out plans for districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Indiana House and Senate.

    The meeting in Lafayette was one of 9 held throughout the state by the commission. The ICRC presented citizen feedback collected at the meetings to the Senate Elections Committee.

    "I think the meeting was excellent and very helpful," said Lafayette's Cathy Potter. "It's something that people only have a tendency to think about every 10 years."

    Leagues across the country are continuing to educate the public, fight for transparent processes and ensure voters of all backgrounds are fairly represented through redistricting. Cheers to the LWV of Indiana and LWV of Greater Lafayette for their important work in this area!