• U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Campaign Finance Experts, John Zogby Address Delegates

    WASHINGTON, DC (June 12, 2012)– The League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS) held its 50th biennial national convention this week in Washington, DC.  The four-day gathering gave League members from around the country the opportunity to celebrate the organization’s accomplishments on campaign finance reform, the environment and election reform, and to discuss important public policy issues.

    In her acceptance speech, the League’s reelected president Elisabeth MacNamara challenged delegates: “The League is not an end in itself. We are a training ground for democracy. That is what we have always been and that is what we will always be, working together to learn new ways to spread the word and encourage new generations to learn and engage.”

    MacNamara thanked members for entrusting her with the leadership of this 92-year-old organization. “We are all in League together to make our community a better place; we are all in League to make our democracy safe by making it available to all; and we are all in League together in our faith in knowledge as power and education as the only way to make gains that will last.”

    Throughout the gathering, delegates rallied around the League’s 2012 Power the Vote initiative for their elections work this year, and set the LWVUS program agenda for the next two years, vowing to continue our fight for voting rights, campaign finance reform and clean air, and voting to study agriculture. DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and Annenberg Public Policy Center's Kathleen Hall Jamieson were just a few of the high profile speakers that addressed the gathering.

    “The League is fighting hard to overcome the impact of the Citizens United decision on money in elections and on the floor of convention, League delegates voted to condemn this tragic Supreme Court decision,” said MacNamara.  “Now we must continue our important work to bring sunshine and disclosure to the flood of money in elections by passing the DISCLOSE Act of 2012 and continuing to examine a full range of additional steps.”

    Convention speakers, including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Trevor Potter, President of the Campaign Legal Center, Former Congressman Mickey Edwards (R-OK) and Political Reporter Eleanor Clift, urged the League to look closely at the steps needed to fix the broken campaign finance system and to press forward using our community-based power on behalf of all voters and for elections that are determined by the voters. 

    Said Attorney General Holder, “I urge you – regardless of the opposition you face – to stay true, and remain fiercely committed, to the principles that have always guided the League of Women Voters and that can ensure that the 21st will be another ‘American century.’"

    CONTACT: Kelly Ceballos, 202-263-1331

  • The League joined coalition partners from around the country calling on the U.S. Senate to oppose S.J. Res 37. The resolution proposed by Senator Jim Inhofe that would nullify the Environmental Protection Agency's historic Mercury and Air Toxics Standard.

  • Washington, DC – May 17, 2012: Today, a broad coalition of groups supporting clean air safeguards announced that more than one million Americans have shown their support for new standards to curb industrial carbon pollution from power plants by submitting comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With over a month still remaining in the public comment period, this is already the largest number of public comments the EPA has ever received on any issue, and we anticipate many more comments to come in the weeks ahead.

    The groups who collected comments, listed below, issued the following joint statement about the groundswell of support for the new EPA carbon pollution standard:

    “Americans broadly support the EPA’s efforts to reduce dangerous air pollution that threatens the health and safety of our children, communities, and wildlife. More than one million Americans have now voiced their support for these important safeguards and called on the EPA and the White House to move forward with the strongest possible standard for new and existing power plants.

    “Implementing this standard is critical to protect public health by decreasing the industrial carbon pollution that contributes to global warming. Global warming increases the formation of smog that triggers asthma attacks and permanently damages and reduces lung function.  Children, senior citizens and others with respiratory ailments are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of smog. In addition to the health impacts, carbon pollution and global warming will increase extreme weather related occurrences like floods, intense storms, drought, and heat waves.”

    Center for American Progress Action Fund

    Earthjustice Environment America Environmental Defense Fund Greenpeace

    League of Conservation Voters

    League of Women Voters of the United States

    National Wildlife Federation Natural Resources Defense Council Sierra Club

    Union of Concerned Scientists

    US Climate Action Network


    Contact: Keven Kennedy, 202.276.3159,  keven@kevenkennedy.com

  • 735,509 Public Comments for Clean Air Delivered to the EPA

    This week we got the exciting news, that along with our coalition partners, we’ve collected nearly one million comments on the Environmental Protection Agency‘s (EPA) new Industrial Carbon Regulation! Our coalition partners have already delivered these comments over and presented them to the EPA, but we’re not done yet – submit your comment today!

  • Today, April 22 is Earth Day! Earth Day is a time to celebrate the beauty of our air, water and the environment around us. At the League, we try to celebrate Earth Day everyday by working to make the environment safer from pollutants, defending the Clean Air Act, and standing up for people not polluters. As you celebrate the environment around you today, we hope you will also take the chance to let your voice be heard on a historic regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Washington, DC (March 27, 2012) – League of Women Voters national President, Elisabeth MacNamara issued the following statement regarding the Obama Administration's new rules, released earlier today, regulating carbon emissions for future power plants.

    “EPA’s action on new fossil-fuel power plants is a necessary and long-delayed first step in controlling the carbon pollution that is harming our health,” she said.

    “EPA and the Administration deserve credit for taking this important step.  Carbon pollution’s biggest contributor comes from power plants in the United States,” added MacNamara. This rule ensures that there is a uniform national limit on the amount of carbon emissions that new power plants will emit, and falls in line with steps that states across the U.S. and industry officials are already working to implement.

    “Today the EPA took an historic step towards protecting our children and the environment,” MacNamara said.  “As with the Cross State Air Regulations and the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, the Obama Administration continues to show their commitment to put people before polluters. The League looks forward to encouraging the public to participate by adding their comments on this historic standard, and to the Administration issuing additional standards for existing dirty coal plants in the future,” concluded MacNamara.

    Contact: Kelly Ceballos, kceballos@lwv.org


  • The League joined members of the environmental community urging the Senate to oppose S.J. Res.37, the Congressional Review Act disapproval resolution sponsored by Senator Inhofe that
    would eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) life-saving Mercury and AirToxics Standards for power plants.