March 1 Deadlines Fast Approaching!

There are a number of deadlines relating to Convention that are fast approaching, including Program Planning, Bylaw Amendments, and Award applications.  Visit the Convention 2014 area for more information.

Big News!!

The updated Member Resources site is coming soon – very soon! The Forums site will be unavailable today, February 19th, as the content of both the Members Area and the Forums websites are merged into one, integrated Member Resources site. The whole process will take several hours with the site re-opening on Thursday, February 20, 2014.

  • Attached is a guide for state and local Leagues who are on Twitter. This document was distributed at National Council, June 2013.
  • In the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program, we’re always talking about being intentional when it comes to planning. With new local and state boards settling in to their roles, now is the perfect time to get intentional about planning for the year ahead! Below is a PowerPoint presentation that can help you plan ahead and stick to that plan throughout the year.
  • We strongly urge all Leagues to have a robust online presence that reflects the current work you are doing in your communities and states. Your website, email communications (newsletters, action alerts, appeals, etc.), Facebook, Twitter, and other League-related social media sites should all incorporate both the LWV logo and name prominently at the top. Other pictures or graphics are allowed but are not to over shadow the League name and logo.
  • As a League leader, you occasionally face questions about the rules that govern Leagues — what Leagues can do and what they can’t. We often receive similar questions at the national office. In order to shed light on the subject, we asked a lawyer specializing in nonprofits for detailed guidance. We combined the advice he gave us with information from IRS publications and other sources to produce a series of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ). We are including those FAQs that relate most directly to the work of membership and leadership development here.  Please feel free to share this document with other members of your board, including your treasurer. 

  • If you are interested in forming a League in your community, you should contact your state League for more information. To start a League you must first be a member of the state League and operate a Unit in your area for a viable amount of time. Furthermore, there is a checklist here that lets you know what materials are needed to become a League.
  • It is important that each League be regularly updating their member information in the Online Database. Guidelines on how to enter any changes to your League roster can be found in the PDF below.
  • Need help making updates to your League's roster? Follow these simple instructions to update your League's Active and Inactive roster.
  • For easy to use instructions on updating member expiration dates, please download the attached PDF.
  • Please print this attachment for easy reference before entering changes to you League's information in the database. To print, first click on the "Print this Page" link in the green bar.
  • Please provide the most up-to-date board information for your League using the interactive online database. Follow these simple steps to update your board changes.